Kiwa and the energy transition

At Kiwa tomorrow’s energy issues are today’s opportunities. Together with governments, energy network operators, local energy cooperatives, educational institutions and other parties in the energy sector, Kiwa is working on sustainable solutions for our future energy supply.

When it comes to the energy transition, Kiwa fulfills a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable energy solutions with a unique mix of years of experience and innovative power. We want to lead the way with innovative, future-proof solutions in the energy field. We have been doing this for decades, as a knowledge partner in projects around the world.

Energy transition expertise

Within our energy transition expertise we distinguish the following work areas:

  • Hydrogen
    Kiwa plays a pioneering role in new applications of hydrogen in general and P2G solutions in particular. From our expertise in the field of gas and gas infrastructures, we also examine the role the existing gas pipeline network can play in this. In addition to the use of hydrogen as an energy source for the built environment, we are also concerned with hydrogen in the mobility sector. For example, we have an advanced hydrogen test lab, one of the few in Europe and far beyond. Here we can perform advanced testing for manufacturers of automotive equipment such as hydrogen fuel tanks and components.
  • Sustainable development
    Together with national and regional governments, Kiwa is working on solutions for a sustainable living environment. This includes initiatives in which educational and corporate organiszations strive for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, a healthy living environment, clean transport, innovation in cleantech business and a good connection between education and the labor market.
  • Sustainable gases
    Green gas and biogas are sustainable, climate-friendly substitutes for natural gas. At Kiwa we are investigating the consequences of the introduction of this green gas, biogas and gases such as LNG. What is the impact of these gases on, for example, piping materials and the infrastructure? Should other safety measures be taken? What about the distribution? Kiwa’s experts have a wealth of experience in the gas sector and help energy suppliers, network operators, etc. to find answers to these questions.
  • Sustainable fuel equipment
    The application of new, sustainable energy sources requires specially developed equipment. Kiwa helps manufacturers and suppliers with the design and development of heat pumps and other innovative heaters and their components. We also do this for major players in the mobility sector. For example, a large manufacturer of automotive parts called in Kiwa for the development and realization of a complex test set-up for complete LNG drive systems and components for that. Kiwa helps its partners not only with knowledge of LNG but also with expertise in the field of gases such as CNG and hydrogen and biogas in making the transport sector more sustainable.
  • Standardization (safety) requirements
    As a knowledge institute in the field of energy, Kiwa was involved in the development of numerous international (ISO) standards. Our experts have a seat on standard committees all over the world.
  • Process management
    As a ‘partner for progress’, Kiwa is able to act as a process manager in complex projects. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the most diverse areas, we can operate at the intersection of process and content.