Kiwa ISA Sport Laboratory

The laboratory of Kiwa ISA Sport is mainly used by the Research Department, but its services can also be purchased by third parties. On a regular basis Consultancy Agencies buy this service in order to be able to provide expert advice to their clients.

In the laboratory we can perform the following tests for you:

  • testing and analyzing soil samples;
  • carry out research into the HIC value of surfaces.

The HIC value (Head Injury Criterion) is important because for safety purposes a sportsfloor must meet a certain HIC value in order to avoid head injuries.

For more information about research in the laboratory of Kiwa ISA Sport, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Would you like a sample to be analyzed?
This can be done easily by downloading the pdf of the sample bill. Fill out your data as principal, the project and the specificities of the sports surfaces.

Want to know how much sample material you need to deliver?
Download the sample size table.

The completed sample bill together with the correct quantity of sample material can be sent to:
Kiwa ISA Sport
Attn.: Laboratorium
Papendallaan 7
NL-6816 VD Arnhem
The Netherlands

Natasja Siemes (