Kiwa ISA Sport guarantees good, sustainable and safe sports facilities for many forms of sport. To do so we conduct continuous research in our own laboratory, which is a leader in the field of standards and quality determination. We are able to translate wishes into measurable properties. The laboratory enjoys recognition from both national and international sports organizations. The laboratory of Kiwa ISA Sport is mainly used by the Research Department, but its services can also be purchased by third parties. On a regular basis Consultancy Agencies buy this service in order to be able to provide expert advice to their clients.

In the laboratory we can perform the following tests for you:

  • Testing and analyzing soil samples;
  • Carry out research into the HIC value of surfaces.
  • The HIC value (Head Injury Criterion) is important because for safety purposes a sportsfloor must meet a certain HIC value in order to avoid head injuries.

In addition, we also test sports-technical materials in our own laboratories, from sports surfaces to hockey sticks and tennis balls.

For more information about research in the laboratory of Kiwa ISA Sport, do not hesitate to contact us.