Heavy equipment

Approximately 1250 pieces of heavy equipment (agricultural machines, wheel loaders, etc.) are stolen each year. Theft of heavy equipment not only leads to direct financial damage for the owner or insurer, but often also causes additional problems. For example, it often takes a long time before work can be resumed.

With a certified security system you can reduce the risk of theft of your heavy equipment. Security systems for heavy equipment are suitable for tractors, excavators, wheel loaders and agricultural machines.

Theft of work material can be prevented with a immobilizer (class W1 and class W2). An immobilizer is an electronic security device that, due to two blockages, can prevent the vehicle from moving under its own power. A immobilizer in accordance with class W1 has an attack resistance of at least five minutes. A immobilizer in accordance with class W2 has an attack resistance of at least fifteen minutes.

When heavy equipment is fitted with a detection system, it is more likely that it will be recovered after theft. A Class TV system must be able to find vehicles in the Netherlands within 48 hours, whereby the location must be known within 24 hours. A Class 4 system can report the location of stolen heavy equipment to a private alarm center (PAC). The PAC has direct contact with the police, so they can follow up the vehicle.