• Cars

    In 2021, according to the Dutch vehicle crime information center, sixteen percent fewer passenger cars were stolen than in 2020. Good car security has partly led to a decrease in the number of car thefts in recent years.

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    Cars in traffic
  • Commercial vehicles

    Theft of a truck and/or cargo can cause a lot of damage to carriers, the receivers who depend on the cargo and insurers. You can reduce the risk of theft of and from a commercial vehicle with a 24 volt system by securing it.

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  • Motorcycles

    Almost 1,500 motorcycles were stolen in 2021. Approximately 21 percent of them was recovered. Below you can read how to reduce the chance of your motorcycle being stolen and how you can increase the chance that your motorcycle will be recovered after theft.

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    Motorcyclist on motorcycle
  • Scooters

    In 2021, almost 10,000 scooters, mopeds and light mopeds were stolen. Just over 34 percent was recovered after theft. A certified tracking system is therefore of great importance for this type of vehicle.

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  • Heavy equipment

    Approximately 1250 pieces of heavy equipment (agricultural machines, wheel loaders, etc.) are stolen each year. Theft of heavy equipment not only leads to direct financial damage for the owner or insurer, but often also causes additional problems.

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  • Trailers and caravans

    Trailers or caravans are popular among thieves. Almost 550 trailers and caravans were stolen in The Netherlands in 2021, according to the Dutch vehicle crime information center.

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  • E-bikes

    Every day, dozens of electric bicycles are stolen in the Netherlands. The certification mark 'Electronic Security Systems for Two-Wheelers' focusses on the independent certification of track & trace systems for electric bicycles.

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