Trailers and caravans

Trailers or caravans are popular among thieves. Almost 550 trailers and caravans were stolen in The Netherlands in 2021, according to the Dutch vehicle crime information center. Because they are not always registered on license plates, they are harder to trace after theft and therefore easy to sell. Theft of a trailer or caravan can be prevented by mechanical security.

Immobiliser system

A security device that prevents the unwanted movement of the vehicle. The following system is suitable for a trailer or caravan. 
- Wheel clamp: A wheel clamp is a mechanism that prevents a wheel from turning and therefore prevents a trailer from being taken along.

Coupling security

A security device that prevents any unwanted coupling or uncoupling to parts of a combination. The following system is suitable for a trailer or caravan
- Coupling lock (drawbar lock): A coupling lock is a mechanism that wraps around the drawbar and is intended to prevent unauthorized transport of a trailer.

How do I recognize an approved lock?

Mechanical protection systems for trailers are not vehicle-related and therefore cannot be registered on a specific vehicle. No certificate is issued for this type of system. Approved mechanical security systems are provided with a label with the mention 'SCM approved'.