Commercial vehicles

Theft of a truck and/or cargo can cause a lot of damage to carriers, the receivers who depend on the cargo and insurers. You can reduce the risk of theft of and from a commercial vehicle with a 24 volt system by securing it. There are also systems that can ensure that your vehicle is recovered after theft.

Below you can read how you can reduce the chance of theft of your commercial vehicle and load and the risk of burglary, and how your commercial vehicle can be recovered after theft.

  • Nearly 1500 light commercial vehicles and 43 heavy commercial vehicles were stolen in 2018. You can protect your commercial vehicle by providing it with electronic protection (immobilizer or alarm system).
  • A good security system can reduce the risk of burglary in your commercial vehicle. Kiwa SCM certified alarm systems meet the latest requirements. Commercial vehicles can be fitted with an alarm system (class B2 or class B3).
  • Thefts of and from cargo trailers are becoming more common. This leads to over 300 million euros of damage every year. Mechanical protection can help prevent theft from a trailer. A container door lock must prevent the doors of a trailer from being opened.
  • On average, 39 percent of the number of light and heavy commercial vehicles stolen was recovered in 2018. Commercial vehicles can be found with, among other things, the help of recovery systems and vehicle tracking systems.