Alternative fuels and pressure products

Kiwa offers an extended scope of Certification, Inspection and testing services for the Automotive and Transport sector. 3rd party as well as 2nd party services are offered within the following fields:

  • Vehicle and product testing and certification
    - A very large scope of indeep testing in systems and components for alternative fuels for vehicles. International certification;
    - Approval according to several regulations, Kiwa is Technical service under the KBA (E1) and RDW (E4).
  • Management system certification For example TS 16949, VDA 6.x; ISO 9001, ISO 14001;
  • Certification according to brand related tools in combination with ISO standards Kiwa has already set up state of the art Benchmarking tools for dealer- and workshop networks in combination with management system certification;
  • Development and implementation of brand related Critical Success Indicators (CSI’s) within dealer and workshop networks For example the Kiwa Pro – label for Vehicle repair stations:
  • Training and education and Certification of staff. For example Education, examination and certification of Drivers Forklifts
    - Qualification of Inspection centers and staff for CNG Cylinder inspections;
  • Pre- and after delivery inspection services on vehicle fleets

Kiwa offers her services within the Automotive sector on worldwide scale. Please contact us for any enquiry or question!