• Alternative fuels and pressure products

    Kiwa offers an extended scope of Certification, Inspection and testing services for the Automotive and Transport sector. 3rd party as well as 2nd party services are offered within six fields.

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    Cars drive on the highway
  • CHP and power systems

    Distributed Generation (DG) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, known also as cogeneration, are increasingly coming into focus. Before selling or demonstrating, you need to show compliance to the applicable European directives. Kiwa Gastec provides 'one stop shop' services for your approval, including CE advice testing and certification services.

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  • Components and controls

    Components and controls, to be applied in gas appliances or equipment, have to comply with the Gas Appliances Regulation (EU) 2016/426. The only small nuance is that CE marking is not required on the product (label).

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    Gas meters
  • Cooking and catering appliances

    Everybody likes a good meal. Therefore appliances that assist in the food preparation are found all over the world. Appliances that are used domestically, professionally or sometimes even industrially.

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  • Fuel Systems

    A majority of  gas- solid fuel or fluid fuel appliances are operating with Flue systems (such as chimneys). This flue systems are of critical (safety) value of the operation of the whole system. Safety standards for eg. Boilers or Water heaters, such as Central heating boilers; EN483 and Convection heaters; EN613, often require testing with flue systems that are prescribed by the manufacturer.

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  • Fuel Cells

    Hydrogen as a fuel and energy carrier is coming into focus more and more. However, to create a worldwide hydrogen economy with fuel cells providing clean and safe electrical energy and users will have to embrace hydrogen. Kiwa is one of the leading parties in this area in Europe.

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    Hydrogen atom
  • Gas distribution materials

    Although it is a voluntary quality mark, the GASTEC QA mark is considered the perfect means to demonstrate the quality and safety of a product in a completely independent way

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    Gas pipe connection
  • Heating and Hot Water Appliances

    Kiwa offers a one stop shop package on testing and certification on Energy Products.

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    Pressure meter
  • Liquid Fuel Products

    Bio-ethanol and other liquid fuelled fires are entering the European market. While Europe is working on a harmonised standard the only regulation at the moment is the General Product Safety Directive for Consumer Products in combination with national laws. This compulsory directive states that manufacturers must create a risk analysis of all products.

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    Refuel petrol
  • Solar Energy

    Kiwa offers Testing and Certification services in the whole solar market. The solar market is regulated global and local. Therefore, it is hard for companies in solar to keep up with all standards (global and local). We have been active in the market for years as a Notified Body with and an own CBTL testing lab.

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    Solar panel
  • Solid Fuel Products

    For more than 20 years we have been helping manufacturers to address their responsibilities under the legislation affecting solid fuel and fluid fired appliances. We operate unrivalled testing facilities in Italy and the United Kingdom for manufacturers of wood and mineral fuelled appliances as well as for liquid fuels.

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    Heating, ventilation & airconditioning
  • Telecom & Wireless

    Wireless communication and internet play a very significant role in our everyday lives and our society would not be able to function properly without them. This is not just limited to computers, but also appliances for services such as cooking, cooling and security are becoming more and more dependent on telecommunication.

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    Telecommunication mast