Liquid Fuel Products

Bio-ethanol and other liquid fuelled fires are entering the European market. While Europe is working on a harmonised standard the only regulation at the moment is the General Product Safety Directive for Consumer Products in combination with national laws. This compulsory directive states that manufacturers must create a risk analysis of all products.

Kiwa is applying a test program that can be used in the so important and legally required Risk Analysis.  In close discussion with the Dutch Safety Authority (nVWA) and the Dutch foundation quality bio ethanol stoves SKBS, Kiwa is using the DIN 4734-1 as a base. Kiwa carries out the testing and certification according to a certification scheme.  The base for the scheme and certification are the following three steps:

  • Testing according to DIN4734-1;
  • Initial Factory Inspection;
  • Yearly Factory Surveillance

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