Cooking and catering appliances

Everybody likes a good meal. Therefore appliances that assist in the food preparation are found all over the world. Appliances that are used domestically, professionally or sometimes even industrially. Since the manufacturers of these types of appliances are often exporting worldwide, Kiwa provides (almost) worldwide certifications and has many links to foreign test and certification bodies.

For example our service includes:

  • European gas and electrical appliance approval (GAR/LVD/EMC);
  • American gas and electrical appliance approval (partner CSA);
  • American sanitation approval;
  • Australian gas and electrical appliance approval (partner Global Mark);
  • Worldwide electrical approval (CB scheme, partner VDE);
  • GS quality label (partner VDE);
  • Russian and Ukrainian approvals;
  • Chinese gas and electrical appliance approvals (CCGas/CQC)

Your input is important to us. It enables us to develop new services, for example to develop approval schemes for other countries or continents. Depending on your (production) location, our services are best provided through a Kiwa partner of your choice, in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, China or the United Kingdom.

Let us deal with your testing and certification issue. We will be happy to provide you with any information you might need, so please contact us!