About us

The energy sector faces the challenge of ensuring an energy supply that can answer growing demand, provide stability and reliability and at the same time meets increasingly stringent safety and environmental requirements. With years of experience and innovative power, Kiwa has an extensive portfolio of sustainable energy solutions. Our future-proof solutions make us an indispensable knowledge partner in the energy transition.

Kiwa offers services in the field of inspecting, testing and certifying the electrical safety of both individual components and the grid integration of production units. We support you in the preparation of risk-based maintenance, modernization and investment plans and are your one-stop-shop for the most diverse national and international certifications.

Kiwa Technology

Together with governments, network operators, local energy cooperatives and other parties in the energy sector Kiwa Technology is working on solutions for our future energy supply. We investigate possibilities to use the current energy infrastructure in combination with new forms of energy. We analyze the pros and cons of different energy carriers and research the technologies and materials behind them. Whether this involves the use of hydrogen or other sustainable gases.

Kiwa Training

Kiwa is a thought leader and knowledge partner in the field of energy transition. We share that knowledge with technicians, installers, policy makers and other professionals in the energy sector, with an extensive training program on energy transition and sustainable energy systems. Our education and training portfolio consists of intermediate and (post-)higher vocational courses on electricity, heat and gas distribution. We also offer specialist courses in the field of underground infrastructures, inspections and e-learnings on hydrogen. Do you want more information about Kiwa Training? Click here!