• Polymers testing and analysis

    Kiwa is an expert when it comes to physical, chemical and mechanical material testing. In our state-of-art laboratories we test a wide range of materials. Our particular expertise is in polymer testing and analyses. Our consultants are active as experts in various national and international standardization committees and working groups.

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    Testing and analysis - Kiwa Technology
  • Failure analyses

    Damages and failures in energy distribution networks and appliances could lead to substantial repair costs and to financial damage for user. Failure analyses helps to determine the cause of the damage or failure and could help to avoid similar faults in the future.

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    Damage analyses
  • Material Research

    To support your product development, aid your market introduction, help in arbitration and trouble-shooting, or analyse your failures and corrosion problems, Kiwa offers you a wide scope of material expertise. This is supported by our extensive materials testing and analysis services from our own laboratories.

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    Material Research - Kiwa Technology
  • Knowledge base: papers and presentations

    Kiwa experts on the field of pipeline systems and material testing and analysis share their knowledge and expertise on conferences with papers and presentations. Here you can find a summary of these papers and presentations and the downloads.

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  • Permeation and Chemical Compatibility of Polymers

    Polymer piping systems are more and more applied for the transport of renewable gases. Kiwa investigates the chemical interaction of materials and liquids or gases like methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2). We also perform permeation measurements on material sheets, pipes and even complete piping systems. We could test at various (high) pressures and elevated temperatures.

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    Hydrogen molecules