• Analytical Chemical Lab Kiwa Technology
    Analytical Chemical Lab

    The experts of Kiwa’s Analytical Chemical Lab can perform high-quality analyses, qualitative or quantitative determinations of components in gaseous fuels, with state-of-the-art equipment for you.

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  • Piping Infrastructure
    Energy Infra

    A stable and reliable energy supply which meets safety and environmental standards and in the same time complies to the interests of many stakeholders, that is what drives our experts.

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  • Gas meters
    Gas quality and gas measurement

    Our experts value gas quality and correct and accurate gas measurement. We are specialised in research and metrology, among other things.

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  • Materials research by Kiwa Technology

    Whether it concerns metals, compounds, polymers, damage studies, remaining service life or unknown substance indications, our material experts can investigate and advise you.

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  • Maintenance boiler

    Industrial or domestic installations, our experts can advise you on any safety issue and perform independent research for you. Call us also for independent and impartial investigations in gas accidents.

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  • Hydrogen molecules
    Hydrogen, sustainability and renewable energy transition

    Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the renewable energy transition. Our experts are working today on tomorrow’s energy solutions.

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  • Person certification
    Management and staff

    With years of experience and innovative strength, Kiwa provides an extensive portfolio of sustainable energy solutions. Our experts can advise you on this.

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