Permeation and Chemical Compatibility of Polymers

Kiwa is your partner for engineering assessments and the corresponding tests. We can determine and prove the suitability of polymers in combination with conventional and unconventional gases and fluids and test under harsh conditions like raised temperature and high pressures.

We can conduct for instance permeation measurements with cryogenic gases on sheets, or measurements of  complete piping systems under 100 bar hydrogen, determine the impact of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) exposure on your material over time or assess the swelling of your liner material due to hydrocarbons.

You can find more specific information in this leaflet. 

Our services

Kiwa has a wide range of analysis in the case of damage. Check out what we have to offer below.

  • Innovative new products and services that can be used in the construction, maintenance, repair, replacement and management of gas distribution networks regularly appear on the market.
  • The added value of Risk Based Asset Management (e.g. according to PAS55 or NTA 8120) can be broken down into a number of internal and external benefits.
  • The resistance against permeation of gases and water through pipe walls and other separation components such as films, is for many practical applications a very important property. In this area, Kiwa Technology has gained vast knowledge and experience.
  • Problems in pipelines are often caused by the joints. Kiwa Technology has built up vast experience. For example, we have used our expertise in the area of plastic welding (of PE, PEX, PA, PP etc.) and other jointing techniques for years to support our consultancy regarding research and development projects.