About us

Rock concerts, ice hockey competitions, hotel and conference facilities: whatever tourism, sporting and / or leisure activities you engage in, your goal is to let customers enjoy your event in a relaxed manner. Kiwa ensures that you pay attention to the right aspects: the safety and health of people, the state of the location and the required systems, whether it is a water slide, a hotel, a ski lift or an exhibition.

We also test and inspect your sports facility, from the condition of the sports field to the condition of the accommodation. Moreover, we offer quality management services who help you to improve your activities and thereby increases your customer satisfaction. With our help you can focus on your customers and visitors.

Kiwa ISA Sport

Kiwa ISA Sport is an independent and professional knowledge institute for high-quality, sustainable and safe sports accommodations. The most important activities of Kiwa ISA Sport are providing independent advice on sports facilities, conducting research and testing national and international sports facilities. The activities of Kiwa ISA Sport are accredited at national level by the major Dutch sports associations such as KNVB, KNLTB, KNHB, Atletiekunie and KNKV. At the international level, accreditations have been issued by FIBA, FIFA, World Rugby, ITF, FIH and World Athletics.

Legionella prevention

The legionella bacterium is present in small quantities in groundwater, surface water and drinking water. If water is between 25 and 50 ° C, the bacterium multiplies. If the bacteria then get water spray (in a shower or a steam or bubble bath) into the air, it can be harmful to health. As an expert in the field of drinking water installations, Kiwa can help prevent legionella. Kiwa is also the certification authority in the field of drinking water articles.