8 October 2019

The FIBA launches a new facilities manual. Kiwa is accredited.

The international basketball federation (FIBA) has requested Kiwa ISA Sport and other test institutes to join forces and create an upgraded version of the FIBA Handbook of test methods and requirements. The cooperation with the International Governing Body for Basketball and the test institutes resulted in a new set of requirements and test methods.

From January 2021 preferred suppliers of FIBA are obliged to have their products, that will be used during official FIBA competition games, certified by a recognized test laboratory like Kiwa ISA Sport. With this newly updated version, the basketball world is once again completely ready for a safe and sustainable future.

Positive impact
Kiwa ISA Sport is ISO 17025 accredited and is looking forward to help preferred FIBA suppliers with the process of certifying their products. Gert-Jan Kieft, manager Laboratory and International: “I am sure the new test methods and requirements will have a positive impact on basketball venues worldwide, all in the benefit of fair competition and a fantastic game.”

Sander van der Holst, unit manager from Kiwa ISA Sport and former international basketball player is also very excited with the latest developments. “It is a very good feeling, to be able to help the sport of basketball progress and create a high and consistent quality for the players”

Quality, durability and safety
The accreditation by FIBA allows Kiwa ISA Sport to test the following components: flooring systems, finishes, stickers, backstop units, score and video boards, court lighting, seating systems and replay systems. Preferred FIBA suppliers will have to certify their products with the help of a test institute like Kiwa ISA Sport and show FIBA, their customers and the basketball community the quality, durability and safety of their products. Curious what we can do for you? Contact us!

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please contact Gert-Jan Kieft, manager Laboratory and International of the center of expertise in Arnhem, Netherlands. Email: Gert-Jan.Kieft@kiwa.com