Country specific approvals

Suppliers to the water sector need to declare to customers and governments that they comply to national and international regulations and standards. Piping systems, storage tanks, coatings, rubber components, water meters, values, shower heads, sanitary tapware, industrial and household appliances, water treatment installations and chemicals must all meet rigid and complex criteria that may vary significantly from country to country. 

Different country, different approvals – a lengthy and expensive process for manufacturers and suppliers. Effectively navigating approvals in each country requires a trustworthy partner. Our diverse range of expertise, combined with a global network of labs and partners bring your products to market faster and more cost-effectively from early development to end use.

Whether your products, processes and people need to demonstrate compliance with requirements in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, or for instance the Nordics, we can help you meet national and international performance and hygiene quality standards across Europe and beyond.

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