16 August 2021

First Kiwa BRL K17701 certificate for low temperature heating manifolds issued to Uponor

At the beginning of June, Kiwa issued the first certificate in accordance with the BRL K17701 'Manifolds for hot water and chilled water'. The German Uponor received the certificate for the low temperature heating manifold 'Uponor Vario S manifold LS'.

A group of experts, consisting of manufacturers, customers and Kiwa, started at the end of 2015 with the development of the BRL K17701 for certifying manifolds for underfloor heating and radiator connections. In contrast to the usual KOMO brand for heating systems, the Kiwa low temperature heating brand applies to manifolds, partly because the quality mark is intended for the international market.

The first version of the BRL K17701 was declared binding in March 2017, after which the certification of manifolds could be started. In recent years, the BRL K17701 has been modified by adding the option for a heat exchanger and the service life has been extended from ten to fifty years. The third version of the guideline was declared binding on May 7, 2021.

The first certificate K107523 has now been issued as of June 1, 2021 for the metal manifold 'Vario S manifold LS' from Uponor GmbH for class 4/10 bar.


With low temperature heating a room is heated with water with a supply temperature of a maximum of 55 degrees Celsius. Low temperature heating heats a room more evenly, comfortably and a lot more energy efficient than regular central heating, where the supply temperature can rise to 80 degrees Celsius. Assessment guidelines such as BRL K17701 help to increase trust in LTV systems and thus contribute to the energy transition.