10 February 2020

Cyber security experts Kiwa present at cyber security standardization conference

Last week Kiwa’s Internet of Things (IOT) security experts checked in at the Standardization and Cyber ​​Security Act Conference in Brussels. During this event, leading experts from the cyber security industry spoke in various panels about the importance of standardized certification of cyber security products and services in the context of the European Cyber ​​Security Act. General consensus: align with existing standards and certifications, but do take into account the challenges of the rapidly changing playing field of cyber security.

The keynote speech by Toshikazu Okuya from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) showed that the boundaries between cyber security and other security areas are becoming increasingly blurred. According to Okuya, cyber security is increasingly changing IoT security and therefore security must be approached at the intersection of processes, technology and human interactions. This concept was also reflected in the various panel discussions in which the Common Criteria (ISO / IEC 15408) were considered as a promising solution for creating standards for IoT security.

Unfortunately, the conference did not yet deliver concrete results. For the time being, there are no detailed certification schemes for cyber security for various products, in-depth standards and a concrete action plan. The need of consumers for cyber-safe and de facto IoT-safe products is clearly perceptible. Thorough measures must be taken quickly to adequately accommodate the security of relevant products or services. These products or services work within an ecosystem or in a chain of actors. In Kiwa's view, therefore, every part of such a chain must be carefully addressed.

According to Kiwa, cyber security is transformed into IoT security. At Kiwa we have already finished our first certification scheme, based on existing standards. This is a response to the need for a safe chain of actors/entities or an ecosystem that provides IoT security: the scheme Remote Access for Remote Services (RARS). Do you want to know how we can help you to guarantee IoT security for your smart products? Please contact Sabyne van Mourik (sabyne.van.mourik@kiwa.nl or +31 88 998 3629).