10 July 2023

Kiwa sponsors Green Team Twente

Kiwa has recently become an official partner of Green Team Twente. This racing team, consisting of students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, has been building hydrogen cars since 2011 and has previously participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon. Green Team Twente is now focusing on developing a hydrogen race car for the Formula Student. Kiwa supports Green Team Twente with risk analyses.

Green Team Twente aims to take steps towards a greener future and therefore decided to participate in the Formula Student competition with hydrogen-powered race cars. This is an international racing competition for students that focuses on designing, building and racing formula cars. The goal of the competition is to engage students in practical technical projects and provide them with valuable experience in engineering, teamwork and motorsport.


The members of Green Team Twente.

According to Alieke Mulder, external and finance manager of Green Team Twente, the team wants to reach a larger audience through Formula Student. ‘We are the first student team to build a hydrogen-powered race car. We aim to establish a hydrogen class within the Formula Student competition. Kiwa supports us in terms of safety, assists in our risk analysis and assesses it. This way, we can show the competition and the rest of the world that racing with hydrogen is safe.’

Kiwa is also looking forward to the collaboration with Green Team Twente. ‘The team's ambitions align perfectly with the role Kiwa wants to play in making the automotive sector more sustainable’, said Daan ten Have, commercial manager Energy at Kiwa. ‘As a partner in the energy transition, we find it highly interesting to work with products that enable the development of vehicles using emission-free fuels.’

Green Team Twente Apollo GDO.jpg

The car reveal of the 2023 car from Green Team Twente: Apollo GDO.