14 April 2022

Kiwa takes Hydrogen Table to French gas distributor GRDF

Kiwa’s Sjoerd Delnooz, Harald Ophoff, Mariël Hout and Sander Lueb recently visited the headquarters of Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF) in Paris. Like Liander, Stedin and Enexis in the Netherlands, GRDF is responsible for the distribution of natural gas in France. Because France also considers hydrogen to be an important source of renewable energy, Kiwa showed about seventy GRDF employees the main differences between hydrogen and natural gas with the help of the Hydrogen Table. At the end of last year, GRDF also visited Kiwa's hydrogen laboratory in Apeldoorn in this context.

Live experiments

The Hydrogen table was developed by Kiwa to introduce customers and students to hydrogen in a fun and responsible way. Kiwa's hydrogen experts use the Hydrogen Table to show the differences and similarities between natural gas and hydrogen on the basis of various experiments. Does burning hydrogen, like natural gas, also produce a blue flame? Does water reach its boiling point sooner with natural gas or with hydrogen? Kiwa can answer these and other questions through live experiments on the Hydrogen Table.

About GRDF

As the main operator of the French natural gas distribution network, GRDF distributes natural gas to more than 11 million customers for heating, cooking, mobility and industrial processes. To this end, GRDF builds, operates and maintains the largest gas distribution network in Europe (200,715 km) safely and according to the highest quality standards. Also in France, the use of renewable gas is promoted as a crucial part of the energy transition.

Waterstoftafel bij Franse gasdistributeur GRDF.jpg