25 July 2023

RED Delegated act application date postponed to 1 August 2025

The European Commission has recently announced an update regarding the application date of the RED (Radio Equipment Directive). On 20 July 2023, the commission published an amended delegated regulation (EU) 2022/30, specifically focusing on the essential requirements for radio equipment. This amendment not only delays the application date but also includes some corrections. 

The new application date is now set for 1 August 2025, giving manufacturers an extra year to prepare for compliance with the essential requirements. From 1 August 2025, all wireless communication products must adhere to this delegated act. In addition to the date delay, the amendment rectifies the wording ‘traffic data AND location data’ which has been replaced with ‘traffic data OR location data.’


The extension grants the CEN/CENELEC standard committee and working groups additional time to fulfill the EU commission's standardization request. The anticipated delivery date for the three new CEN/CENELEC standards is now scheduled for 30 June 2024. Before being published in the Official Journal of the European Union, the amending Delegated Regulation will undergo scrutiny by the European Parliament and Council. Once published, it will officially come into force and be directly applicable in all EU member states.

Other relevant regulatory updates

The UK has also introduced cyber security requirements for consumer connectable products under the product security regime. Starting 29 April 2024, manufacturers of UK consumer connectable products will be required to comply with minimum security standards. These standards are based on the Code of Practice for Consumer IoT security, which refers to the ETSI EN 303 645. The regime applies to consumer connectable products with both wired and wireless communication.

More information

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