14 December 2023

Dutch Rowing Teams on the Road to Paris 2024 Olympics

An exciting sport year lies ahead! With the Paris Olympics in sight, Kiwa is gearing up to support the Dutch rowing athletes on their journey to France. An important benchmark moment is just around the corner. Upcoming competitive training sessions, important for the olympic crew formations, will take place on December 15, 19, and 22.

After all the gold and silver medals during past summer’s World Championships and qualifying eleven boats for Paris, competitive sessions will be held in the coming weeks, in order to determine the crews per boat.

  • On Friday, December 15, athletes will take to the water for race sessions in the skiff and the pair, showcasing their skills and determination in a bid to secure a coveted spot in the Olympic boats.
  • On Tuesday, December 19, athletes will face the ergometer test. This examination will not only test their physical skills but also highlight their commitment to peak performance.
  • The trials culminate on Friday, December 22, with athletes once again taking to the water. This final round of testing will serve as the ultimate opportunity for rowers to showcase their technical proficiency, strength and readiness for the grand stage of the 2024 rowing season and the Paris Olympics.

Kiwa wishes the athletes the best of luck in the upcoming period!

Team NL Rowers.jpg

Kiwa's partnership with the Royal Dutch Rowing Association (KNRB)

For over three decades, Kiwa has been involved in the Dutch rowing community, aiming to contribute to the athlete’s personal development, encourage ambition and the ability to pursue ideals.

Stay tuned to www.kiwa.com/rowing for updates of the remarkable journey as our rowing athletes strive to represent the Netherlands at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Here's to a great sports summer!

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