16 July 2020

Watch the UBA KTW-BWGL webinar!

As of March 21, 2021 the German KTW Guideline, Coating Guideline and Lubricant Guideline will be replaced by the Assessment criteria for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water, the so-called KTW-BWGL. This transition can entail challenges. To make sure you face these with confidence Kiwa organized a free webinar on Friday the 26th of June. During this webinar our experts elaborated about the innovations and current developments and demonstrated solution-oriented approaches.

In the meantime we received important news: the German Environmental Agency UBA has now published the following important modifications regarding the KTW - BWGL:

  • Updated Recommendation on the Conformity attestation according to the German BWGL.
  • Extended transitional arrangements due to COVID-19.

Links to the official documents (German language only) and our informal translation of the most important parts can be found here.

Missed the webinar?

Did you miss the webinar? Do you want to watch it again? Or do you want to share the webinar highlights with like-minded people? You can find the webinar below!


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the webinar. Please send an email to NL.CLA.DWP@kiwa.com or call us on +31 88 998 3605.