As an inspection body, Kiwa R2B assesses your security to be implemented, independent from suppliers, security companies and other parties in the market. We prepare an Inspection Plan based on basic assumptions determined by yourself or third parties. This specific and brand-independent plan contains all details and criteria against on the basis of which your security is inspected and assured that comparable and competitive offers can be requested.

During the implementation process, Kiwa R2B can support by assessing security design and conducting intermediate inspections. Ultimately, a final inspection provides certainty about the security’s effectiveness. The combination of all organizational, structural and technical measures is assessed during this inspection based on the approved Inspection Plan. Results are summarized in an inspection report.

Security measures are often part of insurance requirements. Kiwa R2B checks the security’s effectiveness annually during follow-up inspections based on the requirements. Results are summarized in an inspection report.

Why Kiwa R2B?
Kiwa R2B is a leading Inspection Institution in the area of Fire Safety and Security (FSS), providing services with expertise, flexibility, customer-focus and innovative attitude. We conduct inspections and provide training maintaining our fully independent, unbiased and fair position.
Kiwa R2B operates in a wide range of facilities, including health care, tunnels, logistical, industrial, (petro) chemical, data centres, airports, storage of hazardous goods and hotels.