Providers of Alarm Transmission Systems (ATS)

Providers of Alarm Transmission Networks (ATSN)

Providers of Verification of Performance (VoP) of a Alarm Transmission

If you have to operate with an license from the government or another body / authority for executing an Alarm Transmission System or you want to operate in a European network.

  1. Inform us about your interest and send us a quotation request.
  2. Kiwa will send a quotation, which is at the same time a concept-agreement, drawn up according to the requirements of the product certification;
  3. After mutual signing of the quotation, the agreement is final and the initial audit can start;
  4. After positive results of the initial audit and inspections, the certificate will be issued;
  5. The certificate is valid indefinitely;
  6. A part of the agreement involves periodic audits and inspections.

The objective of the ATS is to establish business continuity based on risk management EN 50136-1: Alarm systems - Alarm transmission systems and equipment - Part 1: General requirements for alarm transmission systems   Certification according to EN 50136-1 is only possible if within system alarm transcievers are use according to EN50136-2.