Fire safety and security

Fire safety and security inspections are indispensable in minimising the risk of harm to people in buildings. Unsafe sites are often a result of a combination of factors including poor maintenance, lack of safety measures, inadequate training, and non-compliance with safety regulations. Regular fire and other safety inspections and a commitment to safe workplace practices can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Kiwa is a leading Inspection Institution for Fire Safety and Security, operating in a wide range of settings including healthcare, hospitality, transport, logistical, industrial, (petro) chemical, data centres, and storage of hazardous goods.

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Fire protection systems
K21045 Fire Protection Systems

The K21045 Fire Protection Systems Assessment scheme is a scheme for Testing, Inspecting and Certificaion (TIC) Fire Protection Systems.

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Healthcare institution inspection
Quick scan Fire Safety in Buildings

Kiwa FSS’s quick scan Fire Safety in Buildings is an independent investigation to determine the current status of fire safety precautions.

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Internal Inspection of Sprinkler System Piping

An automatic sprinkler system must have a reliable pipe system for optimal operation. An internal Inspection of Sprinkler System Piping will give you an insight into the current condition of your sprinkler system.

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Extinguishing gas system
Air Permeability Test Reporting

Gaseous fire extinguishing systems are often used as a fire protection system. As a fire safety expert, Kiwa FSS can measure the air permeability of a room and thus determine the effectiveness of the extinguishing system.

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Firefighting foam system
Inspection Foam Extinguishing Protection - Foam Extinguishing System

As an experienced partner in fire safety, Kiwa Fire Safety & Security (Kiwa FSS) applies a comprehensive approach to all relevant aspects of your foam extinguishing protection during a Foam Extinguishing System Inspection.

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Railway tunnel inspection
Inspection Smoke Control Systems (RCS)

Smoke control systems (RBS) must create a smoke-free egress route for the building’s occupants. Because regulations and unambiguous basic assumptions are largely not available, it is important to work with partners with sufficient knowledge. Kiwa is such an expert partner.

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Building inspection
Inspection and Certification Water Mist Systems

Kiwa FSS has a lot of experience inspecting and certifying water mist protection systems, based on both the CCV inspection schemes as compliance with standards. Kiwa FSS also conducts random inspections for certification bodies.

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Houses in new residential area
Inspection Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen (PKVW) (‘Police Label Safe Housing’)

The Politie Keurmerk Veilig Wonen (PKVW) covers security in houses, residential buildings, large residential complexes and residential suburbs. Kiwa FSS has been involved as an inspection body in the implementation of the PKVW since 1997.

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People are skydiving
Underground and Pillar hydrants (CPR)

This certificate of constancy of performance includes both the underground fire hydrants as the pillar hydrants that are intended for firefighting purposes.

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Inspection Fireworks Storerooms

Kiwa FSS assesses the basic principles and system design data in fireworks storerooms and conducts inspections to provide quality assurance.

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Test/Measuring Trailer for Water-Based Extinguishing Systems Water Supply Capacity
Test/Measuring Trailer for Water-Based Extinguishing Systems Water Supply Capacity

The water supply capacity of water-based extinguishing systems shall be checked periodically to confirm whether the required capacity is still available. Kiwa R2B has a custom build test/measuring trailer equipped with a calibrated capacity meter and auxiliary hoses and fittings.

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Inspection Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System

Kiwa FSS inspects gaseous fire extinguishing systems based on the CCV inspection schemes and compliance with standards; prevent fire damage to computer and other equipment! If you want to know more about inspection of an extinguishing gas system, click here.

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Building inspection
Inspection Burglary Protection; let Kiwa prepare your Inspection Plan

Who poses a potential threat, which goods or valuables do they target, what protection does your current security offer? The experts from Kiwa Fire Safety & security can assist you in identifying risks and oversee implementation of measures that will satisfy your security needs.

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Inspection PGS 15 Publicatie reeks Gevaarlijke Stoffen (Publication Series on Hazardous Substances)

Guideline 15 from the Publication Series on Hazardous Substances (PGS) contains guidance for the storage of packaged hazardous goods. Kiwa FSS can assess the fire safety aspects in your storage facility during an inspection PGS 15, including from baseline inspection to PGS 15 certification and follow-up inspection.

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Gas detection system inspection
Inspection CO/LPG Detection System

Standard (operating) conditions in motor vehicles parkings and storage garages can create an unsafe environment for occupants due to exhaust fumes or leaks. Carbon monoxide (CO) and LPG detection is one of the measures that can contribute to a safe environment for occupants.

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Building scan
Fire Safety Inspection / Inspection Fire Safety By Kiwa

A fire safety inspection (structural fire safety) by Kiwa FSS is conducted based on applicable fire safety regulations, such as the NEN 6059 standard or the VIVB inspection scheme.

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Kiwa FSS Testlab
Kiwa FSS Testing: test lab for sprinklers

Sprinkler systems have proven to be a reliable fire-protection system for many years. However, many of these systems are showing their age and it is not uncommon to find sprinkler systems that were installed 25 or more years ago. The sprinklers in these systems are dated and will need to be replaced over time as a preventative measure.

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Emergency lighting
Inspection Emergency Lighting

During an Emergency Lighting Inspection, Kiwa assesses the basic assumptions for the emergency lighting as well as the design data to determine that emergency lighting meets the objective.

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Evacuation alarm inspection
Inspection Fire alarm and Evacuation Alarm Systems

In case of fire, fire alarm and evacuation alarm systems are crucial for the safety of occupants in a building and minimising damage. Kiwa R2B is the expert for inspection and certification of fire alarm systems and evacuation alarm systems, see here for more information!

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