9 April 2024

Managing digital certificates intelligently with the Kiwa eWallet app

In 2023, Kiwa introduced eLicense, a platform for issuing digital certifications, access passes and other credentials securely and reliably. Users always carry these digital authentication tools on their smartphones, offering numerous benefits. To optimize the use and management of these digital licenses, Kiwa has now launched the eWallet app. Martin Dupuis, Digital Certification Sales Manager at Kiwa, provides further details.

According to Dupuis, using digital authentication tools in conjunction with the Kiwa eWallet app offers numerous advantages over ‘old-fashioned’ paper certificates and plastic access passes. ‘Identification via the Kiwa eWallet is more reliable and results in significant cost and time savings. Additionally, management and enforcement become much simpler. Thanks to real-time monitoring of the validity of certificates and credentials, the e-licenses provided via the app offer convenience and assurance for both professionals and regulatory authorities.’


Dupuis believes that Kiwa eLicense and its associated eWallet are real game-changers for professionals who need to manage and use their certifications. ‘With the app, users can easily store, expand and manage their certificates, leading to a smoother and more secure process. Another advantage of the Kiwa eWallet is the immediate availability of certificates, without the need for anything to be sent via mail. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of loss or fraud with physical documents.’

More Information

The Kiwa eWallet app is now available on popular app stores. You can find more information and a video about Kiwa eLicense on our website.