What is ISO 27001?

The global standard ISO 27001 describes, among other things, the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), a blueprint for a solid foundation for information security. An ISMS can be tailored to a large extent by an organization to its own business processes, but it also contains mandatory components such as a risk analysis and an internal ISO 27001 audit.

ISO 27001 certificate

An ISO 27001 certificate helps organizations to demonstrate that they take information security and the protection of sensitive information seriously and that they are constantly working on improving this. You don't obtain an ISO 27001 certificate easily. This is preceded by a thorough certification process in which an independent certification body assesses whether an organization meets the ISO 27001 criteria. The costs of ISO 27001 certification depend on the size and complexity of an organization.

Healthcare information security

Information security is also an important topic in healthcare. That is why in the Netherlands a special standard has been developed for this: NEN 7510. Dutch health care organizations must comply with the NEN 7510, which is derived from ISO 27001. NEN 7510 certification is not compulsory, but enables organization to prove that they meet the applicable requirements in the field of information security.

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