16 May 2023

Kiwa appointed as a Notified Body for RED articles 3.3 d/e/f/g and 3.4

Kiwa is one of the first organizations to be officially listed by European Commission as a Notified Body for the Articles 3.3 d/e/f/g and 3.4, the latest activated articles of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) (2014/53/EU). After a thorough audit procedure, Kiwa has passed all criteria and has been granted the Notified Body status, now under the sharpened rules, for RED Article 3.3 d/e/f/g and 3.4.

Last January the European Commission sharpened their designation of Notified Bodies for the relatively newly activated RED Articles 3.3 d/e/f/g. Because of the rather different kind of requirements, compared to the existing articles, Notified Bodies had to be re-evaluated in order to check if they had the expertise and competences to issue a verdict on radio equipment on this level.

Stricter rules for ‘smart’ electronics

In order to curb cybercrime through 'smart' consumer electronics, the EU has adopted new legislation to ensure European consumers are better protected against cybercrime via web connected electronics. From 1 August 2023, all radio equipment which is able to communicate directly or indirectly over the internet, is capable of processing data and equipment and enables users to transfer money, has to comply to respectively articles 3.3 d, e and/or f of the RED.

EU-type examination

Harmonized standards which cover articles 3.3 d/e/f/g are currently unavailable, hence an internal production control (Module A) based on harmonized standards is not possible at the moment. To comply in the meanwhile, manufacturers can follow the Module B + C procedure. For this procedure, manufacturers have to apply with an approved Notified Body to perform an EU-type examination. These Notified Bodies can be found on the European Commission website NANDO.


During a EU-type examination the Notified Body will examine the manufacturers technical documentation and issue an EU-type examination certificate if the product complies with the applicable articles. Kiwa is now as one of the first and very few Notified Bodies able to issue an EU-type examination certification conform the sharpened rules of the European Commission.

More information

For more information on the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU), check the RED info on our website. For information on RED Articles 3.3 d, e and f, please download our whitepaper or check the news item on the RED Delegated Act. For any specific requests, please contact us via NL.cybersecurity@kiwa.com or +31 (0)88 998 3370.