Hydrogen training

Kiwa's expertise in hydrogen continues to develop. The application of hydrogen in the built environment, the mobility sector and industry are hot topics in numerous (inter)national research groups and committees in which Kiwa is involved.

Kiwa is happy to prepare you for a future with hydrogen!

A lot is changing in the way we generate and distribute energy. The increasing use of hydrogen in the mobility sector, industry and in the built environment requires in-depth knowledge about the properties and applications of this new energy carrier.

Target audience

Kiwa's training courses in the field of hydrogen are intended for heating mechanics and engineers (more about this below), employees of ‘veiligheidsregio’s’ (Dutch areas of security cooperation), permit issuers and policy officers from municipalities or provinces, suppliers, initiators and companies in the energy chain.

Heating mechanics and engineers

Heating mechanics and engineers are an indispensable link in the switch from natural gas to hydrogen. Kiwa and Alliander’s Hydrogen Experience Centre is a unique training location where technicians in the energy sector can acquire the skills they need. The agenda includes learning to work with new work instructions and safely converting a natural gas boiler to a hydrogen boiler.

More information

For more information about Kiwa's hydrogen training courses, please contact Kiwa Training (+31 (0)88 998 35 39 or training@kiwa.nl).