Quality declaration constructional aspects of solar energy systems

Solar energy systems for electricity (PV systems), heat (solar water heaters) and a combination thereof are increasingly being used, both for existing and new buildings. In some cases, the solar energy system becomes an integral part of a roof construction and has the function of a waterproof layer. The way in which solar energy systems are installed in and on roofs and facades is therefore also subject to strict requirements, such as wind resistance and watertightness.

Kiwa BDA has almost forty years of experience with the constructional aspects of solar energy systems. The experts from Kiwa BDA are active in various (inter)national standards committees and use their extensive knowledge of standards to advise on both project level and system development.

Kiwa BDA can perform the necessary tests for flat and sloping roofs and facades in an accredited test lab. Important aspects are the assessment of the wind load/wind resistance and watertightness of the solar energy system according to the NEN 7250 standard. The quality of products that meet the applicable requirements is confirmed by a quality declaration in the form of a BDA Agrément, a document in which all relevant and characteristic properties of the product are recorded.

You can read more about the BDA Agrément and our other services in the field of the architectural aspects of solar energy systems below.