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Our Rowing Partnership with the Dutch National Rowing Federation (KNRB)

Kiwa is proud sponsor of the Dutch National Rowing Federation (KNRB). The rowers are working hard for qualification for the Paris Summer Olympics. Kiwa's sponsorship of the Dutch Rowing Teams epitomizes our commitment to ambition, reliability, and engagement. We empower athletes to achieve their fullest potential, providing dependable support and fostering a culture of collaboration and growth. By partnering with the Dutch Rowing Team, we demonstrate our shared values and contribute to the continued success of rowing in the Netherlands.

Why we support the Dutch rowing teams

Dutch rowing teams
Ambition: Inspiring Sporting Excellence

We are driven by a shared ambition to inspire and support athletes in their pursuit of excellence. By sponsoring TeamNL, we actively contribute to their ambition to achieve remarkable sporting feats, encouraging them to surpass boundaries and reach new heights. Our partnership fuels the athletes' drive to succeed, fostering a culture of ambition that resonates with their relentless determination and dedication.

Dutch rowing teams
Reliability: Building Trust and Confidence

Kiwa's sponsorship signifies our commitment to reliability and trust. We understand the importance of dependable support in the pursuit of sporting success. As a reliable partner, we provide the Dutch Rowing Teams with unwavering backing, enabling them to focus on their training and competitions with confidence. Our sponsorship ensures they have the resources and support necessary to excel in their athletic endeavors.

Dutch rowing team
Engagement: Empowering Collaboration and Growth

Engagement lies at the heart of our partnership with the Dutch Rowing Team. We actively engage with athletes, coaches, and the rowing community to foster collaboration and growth. By connecting with the team, we forge relationships built on open communication, mutual respect, and shared goals. Through our engagement, we aim to contribute to their development, encouraging continuous improvement and nurturing a sense of unity within the rowing community.

  • Creating Trust
  • Quality as our driving force
  • Partner for Progress

Join our team!

Are you ambitious as well?

Are you just as ambitious as Kiwa's rowing teams? Than we are looking for you! Working for Kiwa means working in an organisation that achieves results.

Our motto is 'We ARE Kiwa', where the A, R, E stand for Ambitious, Reliable and Engaged. That's how we want to be and act towards colleagues, customers and all others we interact with. Common sense, getting the job done and a positive approach. We value personal development and encourage ambition and the ability to pursue ideals.

We foster a creative approach in an open and honest working climate where cooperation is of paramount importance. Together, we create trust.





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1992 - 1996

Kiwa's history with rowing goes back to the year 1992. At that time Kiwa sponsored the Men's Eight that eventually won gold at the Olympics of 1996.

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2015 - 2019

Project 2020, started by former Olympic champion Nico Rienks in 2014, had the goal of forming a golden Women's Eight for Tokyo. Kiwa sponsored this ambitious initiative in the period 2015-2019.

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2019 - Present

In 2019, the partnership of Project 2020 transitioned into sponsoring the Women's Eight of the Dutch Rowing Association. Over the years, the partnership expanded. As of May 2023, Kiwa is sponsor of all rowing teams