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Kiwa Product Compliance closely monitors changes implemented by regulators worldwide and issues updates to customers on updates made along with hosting events across the year to discuss the impact of these changes.

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Kiwa Product Compliance present regular webinars and events providing updates on the latest regulatory changes.

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Please find below the very latest updates to be announced by regulators.

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Date Country Update

18 July 2024 


Further to the Kiwa Product Compliance Regulatory Update of 10th May 2024, on 8th July 2024, the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) initiated a further public consultation regarding a new national technical regulation on specific absorption rates, for handheld and body-worn radio equipment – QCVN 134:2024/BTTTT.

17 July 2024 





On 12th July 2024, Brazilian RF Regulator – AGÊNCIA NACIONAL DE TELECOMUNICAÇÕES (ANATEL) – published Public Consultation no.36, which aims to gradually accelerate and ease the transition from 2G and 3G technologies to 4G and 5G.

On July 10th 2024, Paraguay’s Regulator, Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL) published Resolución Directorio N° 1752/2024 that modifies el Plan Nacional de Atribución de Frecuencias (PNAF). Specifically, allocating the 3300-3700 MHz frequency band for mobile services .

12 July 2024 


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ( PTA) have launched a public consultation on their RLAN Regulatory Framework 2024.


Regulatory Updates issued in 2024