Our water services: get global with Kiwa!

The water related regulatory landscape can be very complex and challenging. Piping systems, sanitary tapware, water treatment products, rubber adhesives, coatings, household and industrial appliances; all must meet certain requirements that may vary significantly from country to country. For example, there are major differences in gaining access to new markets for water-related products among nearby countries such as Germany and Italy. We are here to help you to get on the right track all around the globe.

Partner for Progress

Water goes back to the very early origins of Kiwa. It is not only embedded in our DNA, but it is an integral part of our corporate identity as well. You can even see it at our logo, which has a beaver in it. The animal represents a number of things: beavers are mostly found in a natural and healthy water environment; many of the services we provide are there to ensure safe and clean water. Thereby, beavers bring progress in nature, and are steady, friendly and hard-working creatures, just like people at Kiwa. We want to be that partner for progress for all our clients. Together with you, our customer, we create tailored and integral solutions that will enable you to develop and launch new products more cost-effectively in different markets.

Tailored solutions

How does that work in practice? Simple, together with your very own dedicated and experienced account manager you zoom in on your personal situation. When your wishes are clear, Kiwa’s water expert will map out which approvals are necessary to be compliant with local and international standards. That could also be a combination of services, or so-called service package. At Kiwa we have a broad service portfolio in the which covers all areas of the drinking and waste water supply network. In combination with our extensive network of accredited laboratories around the world we can help you in every aspect of your application.

Global market access

When we together have successfully completed the entire process, your product(s) receive a Kiwa certification mark. With the mark you can get access to the market in the countries concerned and you are able to prove the credibility of your product(s). In order to show this to the public, you will also receive a set of promotional material to do so. Wondering what we can do for you? Take a look at www.kiwa.com/water our or contact us via mail at water@kiwa.com.