Top 5 Duties

Gas Engineers are responsible for many different tasks from installing pipes and appliances in domestic settings to fixing repairs in big commercial settings. Often no day as an engineer is the same.

Take a look at the below Top 5 areas that engineers work in:

1. Customer Support: Gas Engineers can work directly with customers to support them with appliances. This could be anything from general advice about how to use an appliance to advising about a complete replacement.

2. Testing and Repairs: Gas Engineers are tasked with ensuring appliances and equipment work correctly and meet safety standards. If these do not meet the requirements, then it will often be the engineer’s responsibility to repair the issue.

3. Health and Safety: You may think being an engineer seems straightforward on the surface, however you will have daily involvement with dangerous substances and the nature of gas. This requires you to be aware of safety regulations, procedures, completing risk assessments and the complex networks of appliances.

4. Installation: Gas Engineers are responsible for installing all appliances. This means that that you will also likely be responsible for the proper materials are supplied to ensure the job is complete.

5. Problem Solving: As a Gas Engineer you will find that often things don’t go to plan. For that you will need an element of creativity to help resolve unplanned scenarios.

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