Become a Gas Engineer in 3 steps:

It's all about gas

Kiwa Training is part of Kiwa Gastec, which is a Notified Body under the Gas Appliance Regulation. The Kiwa Gas team has a unique blend of ‘boots on the job’ engineering experience and a pool of scientists advising government, gas network operators, appliance manufacturers and related trade bodies on the future of the gas network and possibilities for Hydrogen and blended gas. We support decision makers with practical knowledge as well as scientific understanding from teams immersed in the industry and engaged with its stakeholders.

How much does a Gas Engineer earn?

So, you have read all about how to become a Gas Engineer (If not you can read about that here). Next up we will discuss the earning potential of your chosen career! Gas Engineers are a specialised job and generally are quite sought after which means the pay tends to be competitive.

Your salary depends on the path you take. At the time this article was published the average salary for a Gas Engineer in the UK is around £32k. If you were to become self-employed there is the potential to earn a lot more. Here are the most up to date stats

When you are starting out you can expect to earn around £30k with highly experienced engineers earning over £42k.

“Since this is a very skilled position that is in demand, there is a lot of potential for your salary to go much higher than this. It all depends on how skilled you are and how good you are with customers. If you are excellent at finding problems with gas fittings and installing anything from a new hob to a new boiler, you should never be short of work. At the top end of the earnings scale you can expect to get anything up to £60k if you work for it. As you can see there is plenty of opportunity to build up a healthy income as a gas engineer.”

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