Top five questions - how to become a gas engineer

1. How did you get into the Gas Industry?

At sixteen apprenticeship with British Gas (South West Gas Board)


2. Where did that take you?

Initially a Gas Service engineer, working within a large corporation with plenty of opportunities to do courses to extend my knowledge of “gas”. Then a gas Technician (internal British Gas promotion). After 20 years into management (managing a team of upto 40 engineers).

I left British Gas to train and assess in Further Education. I spent 9 – 10 years training in FE achieving Level 5 teaching qualifications

I left FE to train and assess in the ACS programme, and also widened my knowledge into Oil.


3. How did you get into your current role?

Job application and with my experience and qualifications was successful


4. What made you want to work with Gas?

Applied for 7 apprenticeships when 16, Gas apprenticeship was the one that appealed as I was not stuck in “a factory”. Out and about a lot meeting interesting people.

Later appreciated how “having a trade” saved and made me a lot of money.


5. What has been your highlight?

Many but most involve a feeling within myself that I have done a good job.