16 September 2021

Kiwa at Plastic Pipes XX Conference

From 6 to 8 September 2021, the International Plastic Pipes Conference and Exhibition was held for the twentieth time, this time in the Amsterdam Hotel Okura. PPXX is the world's largest event about new developments in plastic pipes market. As a leading testing and certification body in the field of plastic pipes Kiwa was closely involved in this conference, both as a sponsor and as an testing and certifying authority.


With an origin in the testing and certification of drinking water products, Kiwa has built up a wealth of expertise in the field of plastic pipes over the years. As an authority in the field of plastic pipes, Kiwa is still developing new testing methods. In its extensive research and test laboratory in Apeldoorn, Kiwa also tests whether plastic pipes meet the high requirements for use in networks for water, natural gas and hydrogen. Kiwa has been sharing the knowledge gained in this way for years during conferences at home and abroad.


The International Plastic Pipes Conference and Exhibition focuses on key developments within the plastic pipe market, including innovations that will transform technology and global industry. During PPXX 2021, all major players in the plastic piping industry were present, from raw materials suppliers to pipe manufacturers and from machine manufacturers to utility organisations. However, due to the COVID19 pandemic, not everyone was able to join the conference this year.

Three papers

And that was a pity, because this year Kiwa was not only present as a sponsor, but also presented three technical papers during PPXX 2021:

  • On the use of reinforced thermoplastic pipes for the transport of hydrogen,
  • On the development of suitable tests for slow crack growth in PE pipes and
  • On the search for non-destructive testing methods for PVC pipes.

This year however, the presentations were pre-recorded so we can share them with everyone who wasn’t able to join PPXX. You can also find the three papers on our Papers and Presentation page.

Please contact Ernst van der Stok ernst.vander.stok@kiwa.com or Sjoerd Jansma sjoerd.jansma@kiwa.com for questions, remarks of further inquiries. Or visit our Piping Systems and Materials page.