29 November 2018

Our vision on sustainable energy in infographic

Now that fossil fuels are running out, we are shifting our focus to sustainable, renewable alternatives. Particularly in the built environment, huge profits can be made in the area of sustainability. Today, Kiwa Technology is working on the energy issues of tomorrow and sets out its vision on the energy transition in the infographic 'Sustainability in the built environment in the Netherlands'.  

The built environment – offices, homes, etc. – accounts for almost a third of the total Dutch energy consumption. It costs about 13 billion euros annually to heat and cool business and residential buildings and to run computers, TV’s and washing machines. Making the energy supply in the built environment more sustainable contributes significantly to achieving international climate goals. For example, by 2050, greenhouse gas emissions from homes and offices should be reduced by 80 to 95 percent.

Reducing CO2 emissions

By means of the infographic 'Sustainability in the built environment in the Netherlands' the experts from Kiwa Technology provide a clear picture of the challenges we face when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions and which solutions are conceivable. For Kiwa Technology it is clear that sustainable gas, for example hydrogen, will play an important place in the energy supply of the future. Storing the surplus of solar and wind energy from companies and private individuals in hydrogen is the key to a sustainable and flexible energy infrastructure.

About Kiwa Technology

Together with governments, network operators, local energy cooperatives and other parties in the energy sector Kiwa Technology - Kiwa’s consultancy branch – explores the possibilities and solutions for our future energy supply. We think about how we can continue to use the current infrastructure in combination with new forms of energy. We analyse the advantages and disadvantages of different energy carriers and investigate the technologies and materials behind them. 

For more information, please contact Erik van den Brink, erik.van.den.brink@kiwa.nl.



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