16 July 2021

BRL-2006 version 24-06-2021 has been published for comments until 02-09-2021

BRL-2006 for “PE pipes and fittings for indoor sewerage under free decay”.
BRL-2006 version 24-06-2021 has been published for comments until  02-09-2021 and will replace the version with the date 14-09-2017. This BRL has been prepared by de Board of Experts – LSK.
The main changes in comparison with the previous version are:
  • Additional PE pipes included from BRL 2005;
  • Updating in accordance with the new KOMO template;
  • New in chapter 3: paragraph regarding temperature during on-site testing;
  • Test matrix is adapted to:
    o The underlying NEN-EN 1519-1:2019 (previous version 2000)
  • New: Reference to BRL art and a reference to the EN 1519-1 article, so that the differences between the standards become clear
  • New test: Flexibility or mechanical strength EN ISO 13264
    o The underlying CEN/TS 1519-2:2020 (was 2012)
  • New: The matrices clarify what must be done by the CB and what must be covered by the IKB. The frequencies are based on CEN/TS 1519-2
  • New note 2 & 3 at test matrix;
  • Art 4.3.2 (from version 14-09-2017 concerning diameters has been deleted due to the cancellation of the NEN 1519-1:2000 foreword
  • New Articles 3.2.3; 3.2.4; 3.2.5; 4.3
  • Certification marks adjusted:
    o Certificate number was required is now optional
    o New QR brand option
  • Updating normative references

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