18 July 2019

A new name!


Since 2012 Telefication is part of the Kiwa Group. Much work has been done since the start of the integration of the two brands at the beginning of 2016. A great deal of time has been devoted to improving the quality of services, optimizing and digitizing processes, merging testing, inspecting and certifying activities under one team, with full focus on shortening our lead times and an even better relationship with our customers. In recent years we have considerably expanded our services package as well. Now we are able to offer a full scope to test and certify both security components and fire safety components and are very proud to do so under the name of Kiwa FSS Products.

Business as usual

For you as a customer it remains business as usual. You still receive the same service that you would expect from us and you have some great developments to look forward to. We continue with the same colleagues and account managers so you can count on the same quality, expertise and commitment that you are used to. At the same time, this step enables us to both expand and deepen our range of services to serve you as a customer even better. By bundling our activities with Kiwa it creates a one-stop shop for Testing, Inspection and Certification.

Why a new name?

A new name fits with Telefication’s future ambitions to distinguish ourselves from direct competitors. Kiwa is an international leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). It provides expert services in areas such as building materials, oil, gas & chemicals, management systems, transport & mobility, retail, agri-food and utilities. Kiwa is a bold and recognizable international quality organization with a complete TIC portfolio, including training, data and consultancy services, creating trust in international markets for many thousands of customers. For size and footprint, Kiwa is part of the global TIC top 20 and has the ambition to continue to grow and climb this international ladder. That fits in seamlessly with the core values of Telefication. Therefore we have chosen to partner up with Kiwa and to continue our activities under this new name: Kiwa FSS Products.

A new logo

A new name comes with a new logo. As of now we are united under the Kiwa beaver logo. Kiwa companies are as varied as the markets and customers they serve. Still, they are all part of one Kiwa family and therefore share the same look and feel. Therefore you can expect a new house style from us in future communication. In this corporate identity, our mascot, the beaver, plays an important role. The Kiwa beaver is part of a bold, fresh corporate identity which expresses our sound nature, our dynamic markets, our professional attitude and our straightforwardness.