19 November 2020

Eneco anchors sustainable objectives in business operations with the ISO 55001 certificate

Kiwa has certified Eneco with the ISO 55001 certificate for Asset Management. With this, the energy company anchors its objectives regarding sustainability in its business operations through sustainably managed production resources. Today, Kiwa awarded the certificate to Cees de Haan, director of Eneco’s Wind & Solar business unit.
Every organisation that invests in capital-intensive production resources wants to get optimum returns on these assets and to contribute to the objectives in a predictable way. That also applies to companies in the energy sector, such as Eneco. Here, optimum returns, reliability and availability are not only important to the organisation, customers and investors but social importance also plays a large role. That was a reason for Eneco to implement a management system based on the ISO 55001 norm. 
With its own district heating networks and solar and wind parks, Eneco is highly committed to sustainability and consciously chooses for a long-term strategy regarding capital-intensive production resources. Long-term value creation is central in that, with optimum revenue for investors combined with quality and reliability for its customers. Working based on the ISO 55001 standard offers Eneco the possibility to make optimal use of its assets during their entire lifespan. ‘With the management of its solar and wind parks, Eneco demonstrates that it is possible to balance good asset performance, cost efficiency and safety through constant monitoring’, states Dirk Konijnenberg, ISO 55001 schema manager at Kiwa and responsible for the audit at Eneco. ‘By attaining the ISO 55001 certification, Eneco is in a better position to interpret its sustainability ambitions and to show the outside world the progress they achieve with this.’ 


Eneco chose Kiwa to certify its ISO 55001 efforts. As a knowledge partner in the energy industry, Kiwa is no stranger to Eneco and above all, Kiwa is one of the few independent certification bodies able to certify ISO 55001 combined with other relevant quality standards, such as ISO 9001. When Kiwa started the certification process at Eneco, Kiwa couldn’t yet award the ISO 55001 certification under accreditation. The Accreditation Council requested several reference cases, among other things. Kiwa found that in a commission at the Province of South Holland and at Eneco, whereby the certification process was successfully concluded in partnership. 
‘It is important for Eneco that we can safely, effectively and optimally manage our assets’, according to Cees de Haan, director of Eneco’s Wind & Solar business unit. ‘In the coming years this will contribute to our results and our mission to make sustainable energy available to everyone. We are very pleased with the ISO 55001 certification and consider this an acknowledgement for all our staff involved in Asset Management.’ 
Paul Hesselink, CEO of Kiwa, congratulates Eneco with the certification: ‘As a Partner for Progress, Kiwa helps its customers to improve themselves, in various areas. A standard such as ISO 55001 offers a company like Eneco a clear framework when developing and maintaining a sold system for Asset Management. Its customers and other stakeholders profit from this in the end too. We are proud we can add value for our customers and their customers in this way.’ 
For more information about the ISO 55001 standard and certification by Kiwa, go to the ISO 55001 product page
Photo: Paul Hesselink (CEO Kiwa) awards the ISO 55001 certificate to Cees de Haan (Director of Eneco’s Wind & Solar business unit) following corona preventive measures.