12 April 2019

Hitachi: ‘Kiwa creates trust and they trust us as well’

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning, the multinational manufacturer of the Hitachi air conditioning products, goes for nothing less than 100% quality and does not want to take any risks considering safety. To take care of that, Johnson Controls-Hitachi was already in touch with Kiwa. But in March 2019 a new milestone has been reached in the cooperation between the two companies: as of now the performance measurements on air to water heat pumps, performed in the laboratory of the factory that Johnson Controls-Hitachi has in Spain, can be used as a basis for acceptance by Kiwa Nederland B.V.. On March 18th Mr. Toni Badia, General Manager of the factory, received the formal agreement of Kiwa.

“Our Hitachi air conditioning products are known for their cutting edge technology, but also for their quality, that’s why quality is high priority for us. Each of the Hitachi units manufactured are tested, which means 100% of production is tested and quality guaranteed. We also have 5 laboratories full equiped to test our units and guarantee the performance” explained Mr. Badia. 

Partnership Kiwa

How is that possible? Well, Hitachi obtained a so-called Test Laboratory Declaration (as part of the lab acceptance process) for their laboratory in the factory. A whole process precedes before acquiring a declaration like that: lab-audits, checking documentations and administrations, visits from test engineers and retests. The declaration is not easily obtained, but has a lot of advantages. Mr. Badia: “This is only the first step for a long term partnership with Kiwa.”

Time to market

In an ever-changing world it becomes more and more important to bring new products to the market quickly. Johnson Controls-Hitachi now has the possibility to shorten their time to market, by carrying out their own tests to their Hitachi air conditioning products for several certification schemes. With these test results Kiwa can determine whether they comply with all applicable regulations. The current certification landscape is complex, and we are happy that we have Kiwa as partner to help us out.” As Mr Badia end his story.

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