3 October 2023

Kiwa assesses First Aid courses of the Dutch Red Cross

The Dutch Red Cross (het Nederlandse Rode Kruis, NRK) and Kiwa have recently agreed upon a collaboration regarding the assessment of First Aid training programs. As part of this initiative, Kiwa conducts audits during First Aid courses at various locations. In these audits, Kiwa, as an independent party, evaluates whether the courses meet the content and execution guidelines set by the Dutch Red Cross.

The Dutch Red Cross not only provides immediate assistance to people in need but also organizes various First Aid courses to educate individuals on how to administer first aid themselves. These courses are designed to equip people with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively respond to accidents and medical emergencies. Some of the First Aid courses offered by the Dutch Red Cross include the Basic First Aid Course, Refresher First Aid Course, First Aid for Children, CPR and AED Training, and Sports-related First Aid.

The Dutch Red Cross aims to make these courses accessible to different target groups, such as individuals, businesses, schools and associations, in order to promote community safety and well-being. The exact content and duration of the courses may vary depending on the course type and the specific needs of the participants. To ensure that the First Aid courses provide reliable and consistent instruction, the Dutch Red Cross has enlisted Kiwa to conduct independent assessments.

Mariëtte Verheij and Myrthe Cremer Eindhoven from the Dutch Red Cross First Aid quality team are pleased with the collaboration with Kiwa. ‘The Red Cross values the quality and uniformity of First Aid education. Our instructors play an essential role in this. Before they start teaching, First Aid instructors undergo comprehensive training and receive annual supplementary training. It's important to have an independent assessment to determine whether these aspects are evident in the execution of all First Aid courses. Therefore, we are glad that Kiwa is conducting these audits for the Dutch Red Cross, allowing us to make improvements together or to acknowledge the areas where we are performing well.’

Sabine Hesdal, scheme manager at Kiwa Netherlands, also looks forward to the partnership. ‘At Kiwa, we are happy to contribute to the further optimization of the Dutch Red Cross's First Aid courses through our audits. This way, we can assist NRK in enhancing the courses even further, keeping each other sharp and ultimately making a contribution to society. It's great to see that the collaboration is generating enthusiasm and that we have already initiated the first improvements together.’