21 August 2019

The Kiwa Explosion Safety Trainings

Explosions occur regularly and sometimes have disastrous consequences, such as the loss of human life and major economic damage. Explosions almost always lead to serious personal, financial and material damage. So that is why in Europe a set of explosion safety guidelines has been drawn up: ATEX. ATEX is an abbreviation for the French name ATmosphères EXplosibles, explosive atmosphere.


ATEX has become a synonym for two European guidelines that help organizations to limit the risk of an explosion under atmospheric conditions. ATEX focuses on situations where a combustible substance is present or released.

Employees working in an environment where an explosion occurs, can be life-threateningly injured by open fire, pressure, flying debris, toxic substances and the disappearance of oxygen. Kiwa’s Explosion Safety Trainings are a good way to get more familiar with ATEX.

Kiwa also offers ATEX certification on a personal level. Curious to know what we can do for you? Visit www.atexcertificaat.nl (Dutch only).

First training

Watch the first training course from the series below and find out why ATEX is also important to you! Our ATEX trainer Bart Scholten gives you an introduction to this topic. If you have any questions afterwards, do not hesitate to contact us via nl.exvision@kiwa.nl or +31 (0)88 998 34 93.