• Sustainable certification

    By having your sustainability efforts certified, you show all your stakeholders that you take corporate social responsibility seriously. And that can be beneficial in multiple ways.

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    A long highway between the woods
  • Impact on the environment

    Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are all about a good balance between the three Ps, people, planet and profit. Especially the second p, planet, is a hot topic at the moment.

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    World map made of leaves - Recycling
  • Sustainable production

    Everyone can put an effort to be less harmful to the environment. Whether you are active in the construction or energy sector or in the food sector, the first step towards less environmental impact is to look at your own production process from a different perspective.

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    Man with vine tomatoes in his hands
  • Sustainable processing

    Almost thirty percent of all the material the country consumes consists of recycled raw materials. A lot is recycled and reused, especially in the construction sector.

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    Someone throws away their plastic bottle on a heap of bottles