• Green environment

    Greenery is crucial for a climate-proof and sustainable environment. It improves the environment, provides a rich biodiversity, reduces air pollution, has a positive effect on human health and contributes to the quality of life.

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    Sunlight in the woods
  • Soil

    Healthy soil is literally the basis on which we live, recreate and reside. It is therefore essential to monitor soil quality. We have to strike a balance between protecting the soil quality for people and the environment and using it for buildings, industry and infrastructure, among other things. This can be done by safeguarding the prevention of soil contamination.

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    Vegetable that grows from the earth
  • Environmentally responsible entrepreneurship

    What impact does the way in which you deliver products or services have on the environment? And has the quality system of your organization been set up in the right way? Kiwa helps you to create added value for your organization in the economic, social and ecological fields.

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    Orb in the Earth - Sustainability