Green environment

Greenery is crucial for a climate-proof and sustainable environment. It improves the environment, provides a rich biodiversity, reduces air pollution, has a positive effect on human health and contributes to the quality of life. Whether it concerns public green spaces, a sports park or company site. With quality marks and certifications such as Groenkeur and the FSC and PEFC certification for forests, Kiwa helps your organization to understand that you are working on maintaining a green environment.


The Groenkeur Foundation offers various guidelines to promote the services of green professionals. With a Groenkeur (‘Green Quality Mark’) certificate, green professionals can demonstrate their quality and craftsmanship to clients. In addition to ISO 9001: 2015, extra requirements have been set in the field of sustainable quality, professional competence, safe working and green knowledge. With a certificate you show that you meet these quality requirements. This benefits transparency, which creates more confidence among (potential) clients and creates more opportunities for you as a green professional. Wondering what we can do for you? Check out our services in this area!

FSC and PEFC certification

Forests are the lungs of our planet. Responsible forest management is necessary to maintain this for the future. Certification can help. By opting for products such as wood and paper from responsibly managed forests, the destruction of forests is halted. With the help of certification, the origin of wood and wood products (for example paper) can be demonstrated. FSC and PEFC are two internationally recognized systems for this. Kiwa can help you with this.